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Iceberg Quick Ansys GPU guide

Iceberg Ansys academic licence allow to use up to one GPU acceleration. The model building time may be 10 times shorter with GPU acceleration. 
GPU boost with our samples
              CP time (seconds)
          no GPU  with GPU
bench01 |  65.7  |   6.5
bench05 | 2786.7 | 1589.0

Using Ansys GPU in interactive mode

In order to use Ansys GPU acceleration in interactive mode you should using following command to login to GPU node

qsh -l arch=intel* gpu=1 -P gpu


qrsh -l arch=intel* gpu=1 -P gpu

To enable Ansys GPU acceleration just simply add parameter '-acc nvidia', 


/usr/local/packages6/ansys/ansys_inc/v145/ansys/bin/ansys145 -acc nvidia < bench01.mac

Note: Iceberg Ansys GPU acceleration only works via command line mode, do not add parameter '-g' to initial GUI

Using Ansys GPU in runansys145 script

You can also enable GPU acceleration in runansys145 script to submit your jobs.
runansys145 script only available on worker nodes, before use this script please login to one of working node use command:

'qsh' or 'qrsh'

To enable GPU acceleration you need add '-gpu' parameter to you command,


runsys145 bench01.mac -time 00:30:00 -mem 8G -rmem=3G -gpu

Note: GPU acceleration require large memory to initialise, for complex model we suggest -mem= must be greater than 18G